Lots of Happy horses LOVE our horse hearts!

Is your horse a picky eater? Are you worried he or she may not like our treats? While we have yet to see a horse turn their nose up at our organic treats, check out what some of our biggest fans have to say about our delicious Whisper's Horse Hearts products!


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Talulah- optimized.jpg


"WHH sugar-free snacks are perfect for all horses, especially the vertically challenged ones! Even though I'm not tall enough to reach fresh apples off trees, I'm so glad my mom gives me these apple flavored horse hearts which taste even better than the real deal!"


"Hhhiii thereee. My name is Mardi Gras (Mardi for short), and I'm here to tell you all about my favorite snacks. I'm a little bit shy so I don't normally accept treats from strangers, but these horse hearts have changed my entire attitude. If I see 


Miss Whisper

"hayyyy I'm pretty sure since these treats are named after me they're meant to be all mine, and they are soooo good I don't want to share! My mommy says 'sharing is caring," but I think that only applies to other horse mom's sharing snacks with me. So I hope you all enjoy stealing my favorite treats."