Frequently asked questions

What are the ingredients in your all natural horse treats?

Timothy Hay, Coconut Flour, Shelled Hemp Seeds, Ground Flax, Chia Seeds, Water, Corn Oil, Rosemary Extract Oil, Salt, Vitamin E oil, Titanium Dioxide, powdered fruit extract.

Do your gourmet horse treats contain artificial preservatives?

Absolutely not! Our products are only made from the highest quality, organic ingredients and never contain artificial fillers. As an alternative to artificial preservatives, our products contain USDA certified Organic Rosemary Extract oil, Vitamin E oil, and salt; which all act as natural preservatives for our products.

How long can your horse heart treats be stored for?

For maximum freshness and taste, we recommend our treats be consumed within two weeks of receiving them. Because we use natural preservatives, our treats can safely be stored in a cool, dark place and fed to your horses for up to eight weeks after receiving them. Horses love our treats so much that we've never worried about them going bad since they get gobbled up long before expiring!

How come you don't accept returns or exchanges for your products?

We do apologize for this inconvenience, however we are not able to accept products back once they have been opened since we could not safely resell them or feed them to any animals. If your order does not meet your expectations or was damaged through shipment, please use the Contact Us page to fill out our customer inquiry form. You may also contact us directly by calling 703-253-3355 or emailing us at info@whispershearts.com If your horse did not like the flavor of treats that you purchased, please also reach out to us via email or phone so that we can assist with sending you some sample baggies of alternative flavors to determine what flavors your horse prefers. We still are unable to take back opened packages, but advise you to consider passing them along to a friend who may be able to use them!