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About Whisper's Horse Hearts


Our story begins with a young adult, named Keara, and her inspirational best friend, Whisper. Whisper is a beautiful dark-bay Arabian X Quarter horse, and is the epitome of an easy keeper with a voracious appetite. Like most strong-willed females, she knows just what she wants (food, always!) and exactly how to get it. Unfortunately, my willpower is no match for her sweet face and when she begs for treats, she usually gets them. This combined with my busy schedule throughout college resulted in Whisper gaining a good amount of weight since I had bought her several years earlier.

Since the beginning of 2020,  Whisper has been on a strict diet with minimal treats and a grazing muzzle for during turnout. I also make sure to exercise Whisper as often as I am able to so that we can both be in better shape. After seeing how far along we had come since the beginning of the year (down 100lbs, yay!) Whisper deserved to have some treats incorporated back into her diet. 

Wanting to keep her weight at it's optimal amount, I set out on a mission to create healthy and organic horse treats so that Whisper could earn rewards without me worrying about the potentially harmful and fattening ingredients that most treats contained. Whisper's Horse Hearts are handmade in my kitchen with high-quality organic ingredients, including natural flavors and food colorings. Our horse hearts are free of chemicals, pesticides, by-products, and sugars, so that you can be guilt-free when you treat your horses to our hearts!

In order to keep our treats easy-keeper friendly, all of our recipes are  sugar-free and formulated with low NSC ingredients, which makes them a safe option for any horses or ponies afflicted with Cushings disease, laminitis, EMS/IR, or prone to founder. Since adding Whisper's Horse Hearts back into her diet,  Whisper has not gained back any of the weight she lost and has actually had a lighter exercise routine. 

She both looks and feels amazing!